Steps for moisture prevention

Material Inspection
1. Check the material whether it is dry when delivered to the factory.
2. Be sure that all materials show no sign of mildew.

Environment control
1. Always store materials in dry and clean warehouse.
2. Be sure the material warehouse is well organized and clean.
3. Keep production areas clean and dry.
4. Use damp prevention equipments in workshop and warehouse, such as dehumidifiers, air or transparent walk through curtains.
5. Inspect all walls, be sure that all walls show no sign of mildew.

Production control
1. Enhance workers' mold prevention consciousness, avoid product contamination in production process.
2. Inspect moisture content of every half finished goods, do not let wet or dirty unfinished goods go down to nest process.

Packaging control
1. Do not pack merchandise when still warm.
2. Make sure that boxes are dry before packing.
3. Keep the cartons away from wall at least 50cm and off the floor.
4. Do not store finished goods for too long, especially in wet season.

Container inspection
1. Inspect the container, ensuring that it is free from damage, the surface is clean and dry. Avoid using containers which have just been washed or sterilized.
2. Before loading, check the moisture content of container floor, do not use container with floor moisture content exceeding 25%.
3. It’s better not to use pallets with moisture content over 18%.