1) What is DMF? Why is it banned by the EU?

DMF, also called dimethyl fumarate, has the characteristics of low toxicity, high efficiency and broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. It has a special antibacterial effect on mold.
DMF was most often used as preservatives and bactericides in producing, storage and transport of leather, footwear and textiles, etc.    
DMF can cause skin allergy, acute eczema and burns.
On May 15, 2012, Official Journal of the European Union issued directive (EU) No 412/2012, requiring Member States to ensure that articles or any parts thereof containing DMF in concentrations shall not be placed on the market.

2) Can Super Dry desiccant be reused after drying?

As disposable desiccant, Super Dry desiccant cannot be reused after drying. Please directly discard after use.

3) We have used desiccants in cartons and still found cartons wet after arrival. Why?

It means that "container rain" has occurred in the container if cartons are wet.
Desiccants in cartons can only formed a moisture-proof space inside cartons. Container rain is likely to occur if excessive moisture in container cannot be absorbed promptly
So, please put Super Dry container desiccant inside containers.

4) Your products are much more expensive than silica gel and mineral desiccants, what's your advantage?

a. Moisture absorption performance advantage
Absorption rate of Super Dry desiccant is 8 times to 10 times higher than the common desiccants.
b. Packaging advantage
Common desiccants only use single package widely.
Super Dry desiccants use dual packages of DuPont-Tyvek paper and very high grade non-woven materials.
c. Broader application temperature range
Silica gel could not be used in seaway transportation since it will release moisture out when temperature reaches 37℃. Super Dry Desiccants can be used from -5℃ to 90 ℃.
d. Brand advantage
Super Dry desiccant has won a certain brand awareness worldwide and been widely used in many FORTUNE 500 firms.
e. Environmental advantage
Super Dry desiccant is DMF-free and can be discarded as ordinary garbage.
f. Service advantage
Our professional team is always ready to design the most suitable moisture-proof scheme for your products.

5) You have said your desiccant will be gel-like after the absorption, but why it become liquid?

Super Dry desiccant will be different appearance in the process of absorption, in the beginning it is powder, then it will become liquid, later will be half gel-like, and finally it will be totally gel-like.

6) Is Super Dry desiccant safe to use?

The main ingredients of Super Dry desiccant are calcium chloride and amylopectin, so it is harmless to people and environment according to correct usage.

7) How many Super Dry desiccants should we use per time?

The dosage depends on carton size, container size, product's self-sensitivity to moisture, the temperature and relative humidity in the location, so it's better to ask our engineers for guidance.

8) Does it need to replace the desiccant after unwrapping the package for some certain reasons (such as goods inspection)?

Tests prove that Super Dry desiccant absorbs up to 300% of its own weight and continues to function till its saturation level. In goods inspection part or before shipment, the absorption rate is 50% or so and operation staff reseals the poly bag as soon as possible, it doesn’t have to change or add new desiccant. Simply stated, that means for a product need of longer storage life, it will be better to increase the desiccant usage.

9) Do we still need to use your container desiccant in the cargo when we have already put your small packaged desiccant in the carton?

No one carton can absolutely withstand the moisture’s invasion,moreover the water absorption of small packaged desiccant is limited that can not absorb all the moisture in the container,so we suggest to use container desiccant to absorb the rest of the moisture in case of “Container Rain”.

10) How to store the Super Dry desiccant?

Seal in dry place. Our unopened desiccant can be stored for 18 month. For the water absorption ability of Super Dry desiccant is very strong, once the packaging bag is unpacked, please use the desiccant quickly and seal the package immediately.